December 8, 2014
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March 28, 2015
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This is a promotional piece that I created to help generate attention for jarodocton.com. The logo was created in Illustrator, then animated in After Effects. Song choice: "The Riot's Gone," performed by Santigold.


Between January 2012 and April 2013, I was employed as a designer for Platt College San Diego. During that time I created a variety of marketing collateral but this logo reveal was by far my favorite project completed for the institution. The idea for assembling the logo stems from my observation of the six tiles which are visible within the Platt icon. I thought it would be interesting to make use of those tiles by increasing the amount so that I could place variety of student works within each of those pieces. This concept would help showcase all of the talent which Platt College San Diego represents collectively. The final product was developed with the use of Adobe After Effects.


Custom logo reveal for Fox, a fantasy web series created by Adriana Escandon and Monroe Hayden. The visual effects were inspired by the movie trailer for The Princess and the Frog. Since the real magic can be easily missed within a moment's flash, I've included a slow motion version for your viewing pleasure. Watch Fox exclusively on Vimeo.


Exquisite Massage commissioned me to animate their logo for a promotional video they produced in 2014. Based in sunny San Diego, this "mobile" business offers a variety of holistic health treatments including massage, acupuncture and yoga.


In 2012 I competed in the 48 Hour Film Festival alongside fellow Platt College San Diego students and alumni under the group name Epidemic Films. This is the logo I designed and animated for our production group, shown prior to the opening title scene of our dark comedy, "Back To You."


"Classic Action, Since 1984." This is one of my personal mottos. "Classic Action" is the process for actively pursuing stellar results that can be labeled as original and creative. The logo was designed in Adobe Illustrator then animated with the use of Adobe After Effects.

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