FONZI 5000

February 24, 2012
August 5, 2013
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FONZI 5000


Say hello to my minty alter ego, Fonzerelli 5000. This piece showcases the three main stages of my process when creating a vector illustration. Every artist has his or her own flow, but mine traditionally begins with a graphite drawing, there after vectorization, until finally the piece is complete with color. My style combines old school techniques, with new school technology. For this project I used Adobe Photoshop for cleanup of the sketch and Adobe Illustrator for adding the vector lines and color.


Additional applications of my Fonzi illustration include stickers and a rubber stamp. Fonzi has grown to be a very recognizable visual that people associate me with, making him a valuable asset to my overall branding. It's my preference to crop the illustration and showcase his upper face as the dedicated profile photo on all of my social media accounts.

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