March 10, 2010
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Class Act Label is a lifestyle project that I founded in 2008. Initially Class Act was created to be a streetwear specific brand, but the concept grew from clothing and goods to a universal philosophy. The message is simple, strive for originality and aim for superior quality. No matter the association, any person or item can be labeled as a Class Act. Human beings as a whole can perform amazing acts and create exceptional work. The tenth wonder exists within your imagination, Classic Action is merely the process for such a discovery.


In addition to the crescent being a letter 'C' and the pyramid a letter 'A,' the Class Act monogram embodies a deeper meaning. Consider my motto: "Look to the past for inspiration, then to the future for innovation." The pyramids of old are such inspiration, as they reflect some of humankind's greatest historical engineering achievements. We all have looked upon the moon in wonder at some point in our lives. I consider it a marvelous sight, something that can help encourage innovation during those sleepless nights.

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