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When it's time to start a project, I always try my best to stray from the pack. I see a lot of imitation and copycatting in the art game, so it's my aim to use past experience, relative research and future sight to develop the most original content possible for myself and the clients I work with.

"Look to the past for inspiration, then to the future for innovation." - Yours Truly

Much of my traditional art experience stems from classes taken during primary school and college. The spark began much earlier though, as a youngster sketching my favorite comic book characters. My family always suspected I'd be an artist, based on their observations. In the third grade I won two awards for local recognition of a couple hand drawn dinosaurs. I never thought such creative outlets could lead to a career, but looking back it would seem to be my destiny no matter how far I strayed.

After losing sight of my passion, I refound my love for creation in 2008 when I accepted an internship with Burnsville Signworks. The experience gained while working there gave me the motivation to continue on by enrolling at Platt College San Diego in 2011. While there I was able to transform myself into a lean-mean-creating machine.

Through word of mouth, the college sought out my talent and employed me for a graphic design position prior to my impending graduation. In 2012, I graduated as an alumni from their bachelor's program and began working for a local software company named Touch This Media. It wasn't long before I elevated to the position of Art Director, a status I successfully maintained for more than three years.

While working for TTM I gained experience developing projects relative to both graphic design and web design. The work I was tasked with dealt with branding, marketing collateral, product packaging, storyboarding, app design, user experience, motion graphics, and much more. If it was visually oriented, I always took the lead while working alongside a community of developers. On Nov. 30, 2015 I began a new adventure with the good folk at Bee International, where I currently work today.

My favorite projects always involve some level of illustration. I generally begin with pencil and paper, which allows creativity to remain unrestricted before developing anything concrete on the computer. Once I have a definitive vision of the artwork, it then gets imported to either Illustrator or Photoshop for finalization. To see such process, check out my Fonzi 5000 project.

With a Media Arts degree in Visual Effects and Compositing, I'm well versed in video production, 3D design, animation and visual effects. Being a lover of music and cartoons has provided an extra sense of timing and exaggeration as well. Add those qualities to my extensive graphic design abilities, you have yourself a very well rounded designer capable of any visual task. Nuff' said.